Leigh Evans, Director, Green Acres

This has been the first year for Green Acres Early Education Center to partner with Paige Parker and the E-PIPHANY computer company.  We have enjoyed working with Paige.  She is professional and organized.  She works well with the children and communicates very effectively with the parents.  It is easy to offer the computer classes to our children because she does ALL the work!  All we do is offer her space and access to our students!  Laying foundations into the technology world of today and for tomorrow is very important.  We are very glad to partner with E-PIPHANY in providing this service!

Leigh Evans

Director, Green Acres Baptist Church EEC

Natalie Fleming, Parent

Ms. Parker,

I would like to thank you for being a good teacher and very fun.  My son loves you and he loves your computer class. Thanks for everything and kids react better to teachers who the can relate to!

- Natalie Flemming

Alyson Jennings, Parent


Thanks for all you guys are doing.  Aiden has learned so much.  He cracks me up-he gets on my computer and plays like he is teaching computer class.  He tells me what each button does and asks me if I know what they do!  He says, no mom, hold the CD like a donut-we are very impressed.  Thanks so much!

- Alyson Jennings

Alyson Jennings, Parent

This will be Logan’s last month.  Just wanted to let you know that you won’t have him in class after March.  I will be staying home and keeping Logan at home. Thanks so much for all you have done!  Logan has enjoyed class and learned a lot. 

- Emily Evans

Wendy Blackmon, Parent

Dear Paige,

This is Riley’s last “semester” at his school, and he has chosen to do another program for his extra- curricular activity, though his mama wants him to do something a little brainier, like “computer class.”  :P

He’s had a lot of fun there with you…and on Mondays, the promise of computer class is the only thing that gets him out of bed!  I can tell he’s learned a lot from you.  We use Starfall (a kids learning website) and he is a wiz with the mouse and knows the enter key and lots of other fun “tech” things.  I think it’s cute when he brings me a DVD to watch and is holding it the way you taught him.  We thank you for your time and wish you luck with your endeavors in the future! 

- Wendy and Riley Blackmon