elementary school curriculum

eHUB Maker Club

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Making Mini Makers.

Projects are high-energy and packed with learning! 



eHub Maker Club curriculum includes the following concepts:


  • Photosynthesis


  • Compute
  • Coding 


  • Circuitry
  • Lighting




  • Graphic Design

Class Structure

e-piphany classes have 5 parts and are described below....


1.  TERMINOLOGY - (all ages)

Teachers have a list of “tech vocabulary,” so new terms are introduced as old terms are mastered.

2.  ETIQUETTE - (all ages)

Teachers encourage gentle handling of computer equipment through our monthly etiquette focuses.  A few other computer etiquette concepts are also covered, like having good computer posture, asking permission before using the computer, etc.   

3.  KEYBOARDING - (all ages)

 Teachers familiarize students with key locations and functions with our monthly keyboarding focuses.  Each month, new key(s) are selected as the focus.  These focuses are taught in Doc or Slide programs (for instance, Microsoft Word or Google Doc).



2's - Beginner Mouse Control – these students use the remainder of the class to work on left click, right click, click-drag-drop, and double clicking.  This is accomplished in a variety of ways, including paint program, educational software, and other structured activities. 

3's - Computer Functionality – these students focus on computer navigation and basic functionality.

4's - Document & Slideshow Fundamentals –  Student will be familiarized with both Microsoft and Google software suites.


5.  REWARDING GAME - (all ages) 

Teachers use games as an incentive at the end of each class to encourage students to complete the daily lessons.  We use various educational software programs so concepts such as colors, numbers, shapes, and letter recognition reinforce classroom learning.